Yes of course I’m a horrible person and only snapped one picture during Thanksgiving.

My mom hosted 35 people at her house so I was running around all day helping her get everything perfect, and then Randy and I went to his grandma’s house for the rest of the day!

So here’s the quick recap. Woke up early, played the traditional Ultimate Frisbee Turkey game, cooked and cooked, had a family gratitude moment, did some work for a client in a rush, had 35 people come, socialized with aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and great aunts and uncles, ate amazing food, drove to Logan, ate more amazing food, laughed and laughed, ate pie, drove home, played games and laughed until we cried, went to bed with a full stomach and heart.


So let’s talk about gratitude. It’s so easy to be the person who complains, who makes other people feel bad for being happy and content, find the bad. It’s easy to think that we live in a horrible place, that life is too much, and there isn’t much to smile about.

Oh but it’s so not true.

No matter what our situation is, we have people who love us. We have a Father in Heaven who not only loves us, but sent us His son to die for us, after suffering all of our pains. And as if that isn’t enough, we have so many other things that make us the luckiest.

My little heart has been so full this weekend. I am so lucky.

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