Summer 2k14

This summer has seriously been one of the best. I’m sad to see it go, but I have so many memories and a million stories to tell.

Rooftop concerts and Meri from Sister Wives

Lots of fishing

Lots of sister time

And family time

Soooo many hours at KSL

Baby ducks


Joined a collegiate badminton team with two of my best pals


Adventures with this amazing woman

Missing this kid

More fishing on the Teton

Saying goodbye to one of the best friends I’ll ever have



For this girl’s wedding

And the Grand Canyon

Too much fun with this best friend of mine when he wasn’t doing EFY


Hailee Jane coming home
Goodbye to these kids
Missing Mal Pal Gal while she was away

And the great outdoors.
Guys, it’s been an amazing summer.

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