Current Maddy

Alas friends, I have been the worst at posting lately. Busy times make my blogging habits bad.

So today we’re going to just post about my current loves:

Currently excited for:

Currently happy about:
Jenny Reeder. I got to interview her today and she is a GEM folks. A gem. 
Currently wanting:
HELLO do these not look AMAZING!?!?
Currently nervous for:
Being live can be kinda nerve-wracking! But Matt helps me have fun, when he’s not teasing me.
Listen to me today at about 4:20 on Sirius XM 143 or at
Currently NOT excited for: Another news interview tonight. at 5:00 I want to be heading home, not heading to Pleasant Grove to do another interview for a class!
Currently obsessed with:

Love this song:)

Currently in:
4th place for my family NCAA bracket. BUT BYU women’s bball is heading to the Sweet Sixteen! Go Cougs:)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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