Currently needing:

Finals week is upon me. The horror…the horror. (Name that book and I’ll give you cookies. Look it up online and I will beat you up.)

All of you lucky kids who are done with finals already, don’t rub it in.

Currently needing to do well on finals:

A good night’s sleep.
A large tube of cookie dough.
Fuzzy socks.
A Christmas movie ready for in between study sessions.
Healthy food for dinner.
A temple trip.
A shopping trip.
Best friends to spend hours with laughing while we study.

Happy Sunday everyone, and happy beginning of finals week for me.

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  1. Maddy! Sometimes I stalk your blog to see how you are doing! Good luck with finals! You are adorable and kind, and I'm happy to see you are working hard and staying happy. I love visiting with your mom sometimes!And the book quoted is Heart of Darkness. That line is always in my head. That, and rivets. Love, Sister Francis


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