Take Me Home

First off. I just barely published the post I was supposed to do yesterday. Oops….don’t judge!

November 6–I am grateful for mugs. There’s something so perfect about drinking hot chocolate or milk or water or juice, or really anything, out of a mug. It has a handle for Pete’s sake!

November 7–I am grateful for heated leather seats in cars. No my car does not have heated seats, but I think I appreciate them more because I don’t have them. Or something like that.

Folks, I’m really happy.

I need to post this song because it is WONDERFUL. It’ll make your day more than average for sure.

If you haven’t heard of Us, don’t fret. I hadn’t heard of them until a little while ago. But they are amazing. You will be glad you listened.

Also. I have to work early in the morning. So I went down to my car at 6:45 this morning, and there was a creepy guy in a hood, waiting by my car. Drew didn’t have to be at class until like 8 and came down to the freezing garage just to say good morning. He’s a keeper:)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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