Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day! For those of you not from Utah who have zero idea what I’m talking about, the 24th of July is when the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. So in Utah we celebrate that day as the day that Utah was founded. It’s a pretty big deal here. Most everybody gets work off, there’s a huge parade and fireworks, it’s like the 4th of July but instead of celebrating America, we celebrate Utah!

So here’s my thank you to my pioneer ancestors who gave up so much, their homes and their belongings and their families, to come to Utah. They gave me this beautiful place to live, my amazing family, my amazing college, and most importantly, the right to practice my religion. What a wonderful gift! So thank you, to my ancestors and all of those who sacrificed so I can live here, the way that I do.

So my day started with chocolate chip pancakes and sausage.:)

And Orange Julius! YUM:)

I ate WAY too many pancakes…
It wouldn’t be the 24th without sparklers and fireworks!

Happy Wednesday everyone, and happy Pioneer Day, Utah!

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