iPhone anyone?

Yesterday was one of the greatest days ever. I got an iPhone. Is it pathetic that it was one of the happiest days ever for that reason? Perhaps. But whatever, it’s fine, I’m happy and life is GOOD.

So I discovered a few wonderful things about my iPhone very fast. I can do group messages with 2 of my best friends. I can talk on the phone THROUGH my car speakers (drive safe folks). I can have an INSTAGRAM (see my contact info to follow me!) I can have my music AND Pandora on there. I can have my CAMERA ready to snap ANY picture for the blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I have my scriptures RIGHT THERE whenever I need them. I could go on and on. Basically, I’m in love.

His name is Rajah, after the tiger on Aladdin. I have an obsession with Disney, it’s fine.

So if you have favorite apps, helpful hints, or tips, PLEASE comment or contact me! I would love help milking this iPhone for all it’s worth!

So all my dear friends, expect more photos, more posts on social media, and good things to come for this blog. It’s going to be grand.

My home screen. AWWWWW:)

First selfie ever. Don’t expect too many of these. I hate taking pictures of myself.

Also, it’s the last day of May today. Bring on June! I’m heading off to see some old teachers today, and then to deliver invites to a bridal shower I’m throwing next week (expect an entire post on how to do it. Now that I’ve thrown two, I think I’m a pro. I’m not, but still.)

Happy Friday everyone!

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