Phone Dump

So I finally figured out how to load pictures from my phone onto my computer. Yes I could send them to facebook or my email, but that took FOREVER. So I got a micro-disk adapter and popped those babies into my files. And you HAVE to see some of them. They are too great.

On the bus to 7th grade!!! AHHHH

Ready for sophomore prom

Bandy with my dinosaur at the Senior Carnival

Randy at Menchie’s the summer before we started dating!

Carla and I at the annual summer photo shoot with Russ

Ash and I at that same photo shoot. It was 7th grade people.



And Morg at Park City for Carly’s birthday. 8th grade.

Sleeping Rachel

Mr. Rice duct taped Taylor Russel’s mouth shut one day. That was fun.
It’s funny to see pictures and things from the past. How lucky I’ve been to have had the life that I’ve had. It’s made me who I am today. And I’m pretty happy about that. 
Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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