Last One

So I was sitting in my room for approximately the length of one romantic comedy tonight, feeling sorry for myself for a million reasons. And then I realized I needed to blog. So I started thinking about what I was thankful for today. And sitting down, typing this out has made me realize it. I am so grateful for my trials. I am grateful for them because they’ve made me stronger. I am so blessed because through my trials I have been able to come to know how much my Heavenly Father loves me. Every single one of my trials comes at a point where I’m starting to get comfortable, and maybe not relying on my Heavenly Father as much as I should. Then during a trial I have to turn to Him for help. And He always helps me, and along the way I find out once again how much He loves me and looks out for me. So today, I am grateful for the times when life isn’t easy and when things get rough. They’re the times that ultimately make me the happiest. And I couldn’t think of a better way to end this month of gratitude. So look for more gratitude posts, I’m sure they’ll pop up here and there. Have a wonderful December everyone:)

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