Valentine’s Day and Randy Turns 29!

Valentine’s Day was so fun! Graham had a great time handing out valentines to his friends. We had heart, pink pancakes, ordered Red Lobster, and just had a great time being together. Even though Randy had to work late, it was still a fun night.

For Randy’s birthday, we started on Birthday Eve by getting In N Out and going to get a massage! The boys LOVED the burgers which was surprising, we had no idea they would love them! And the massage was SO relaxing. On his birthday, Randy went to a fun seminar at the gym for a few hours, we showed up and surprised him with donuts and balloons and got to see everyone. Then Randy and I went on a shopping scavenger hunt and to dinner which was SO delicious.

Randy is 29 and he is the best person ever. Every day I am so lucky to have him. He is aging like a fine wine, getting better every day and every year. I just love him more than I can say.

The rest of February has been a blast! We’ve been loving having the bounce house inside, playing with stickers, having movie nights, and baking together. It’s been a wonderful February so far.

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