December Things

Festival of Trees. Snow days. Christmas movie nights. Books. Decorating. Sledding. Hot cocoa. Grinch day at school called for green hair. Layton lights. A ward Christmas party to see Santa. It’s been a December we will never forget. I will remember forever Graham being so excited about all the Nightmare Before Christmas trees. His elf wand and dancing to the music. Wells scarfing down his scone so fast.

The kids so excited to run up the paths at the Layton Lights and press the sound buttons.

Graham insisting he do a Grinch face to match his hair.

Graham being so excited to make snow angels and throw snow balls and shovel the walks. The way Wells starts laying down on the floor to read all the time now and repeats every word he hears. How he marched right up to Santa to get his candy cane.

We’re so excited for Christmas and have been enjoying every day in December.

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