Randy let me run away with my best friends to Seattle for the weekend and it was truly magical.

We grabbed some Shake Shack in the airport, watched Sleepless in Seattle on the plane, and hit the ground running once we were in Seattle! Right to Pike’s Chowder and then immediately to the Space Needle. It was SO beautiful and so cool to see the whole city and the harbor from up that high. It was cold but we decided to be brave and get scooters and head to the Ferris Wheel. It was SO beautiful and so insanely fun to see the city at night! We then went to get Din Tai Fung which was AMAZING. So delicious.

We hopped into the hot tub for just a minute and then it was off to bed! In the morning we went right to the Pike Place Market and wandered around, shopped, ate delicious macaroons and pastries, and shopped some more! We went to the CUTEST place called the Pink Door for lunch and it was SO good. Scallops to die for! Then it was off to the Museum of Pop Culture which was when I missed Randy the MOST because he would have loved it! After the museum it was more scooter rides to go to the harbor and enjoy the beautiful views. Then up to get some pizza for dinner, and of course, more dumplings in bed!

The morning we had to go we went all-out to get our matching pajama photo, ate a delicious brunch at the cutest place, and then it was time to get bak to the real world!

I’m forever grateful that moving to our neighborhood has meant finding friends who are so incredible. I love them so much and I am so lucky I conned them into being friends with me!

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