Block building has stayed a staple of fun this summer along with hot wheels, and the new BOUNCE HOUSE we gave Wells for his birthday (early.)

Graham was OBSESSED with Lightyear! He was flying his Buzz toy before during and after the movie and won’t stop talking about it. The boys wore Buzz jammies and even though Wells didn’t make it very far into the movie, it was a hit. Popcorn, candy, drinks, and a great movie!

I also helped put together a Primary activity that was SO cute. We did a Follow the Prophet theme and there was a rotation for each prophet from the song. I helped at the station about Adam and helped all the kids plant little plants in containers to take home. There was an animal matching game for Noah, a video about LDS Helping Hands and writing down what you’ll do to help others for Enoch, an Israelite obstacle course for Moses, finger puppets for Daniel, Marco Polo game for Samuel, and of course a giant WHALE to ride around in on a trailer for Jonah! The kids that came had a blast and it was a fun activity to be involved in!

June has been super fun so far and I’m excited for what else is ahead!

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