Warmer Days

Warmer days outside have meant we are RUSHING out and it’s been bliss. Graham is obsessed with scooter rides and calls us the scoot gang, and begs Randy and I to put on our “scoot boots” (roller blades) every day. I push Wells in the stroller and we ride up and down the streets.

We’ve made great friends in our new neighborhood and have enjoyed picnics, play dates, basketball nights, and more.

Graham started spring soccer! He’s on the Green Dragons and understands the concept of soccer a lot better this year! I’m so proud of how determined he is and how much he wants to learn.

And right after turning 9 months old, Wells started to crawl! He was doing a goofy crawl with his head, and now he keeps one foot planted on the ground to scoot. It KILLS me, it’s too funny!

Busy season is officially OVER after a really rough 3 months. We survived and Randy killed it. It’s very nice to have him back!

I am just obsessed with my boys, our life, and all the joy ahead.

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