We had a beautiful Christmas and I will remember it forever!

Right before Christmas we went to see the Nutcracker with Shawn and Gavin which was so fun! It’s always the best to go see the show with my sisters and it was just so special this year! It was also incredibly well done!

We had so many awesome activities in December, making gingerbread houses, eating cookies, Graham made an ornament in preschool which made my whole day!

Christmas Eve we went to my parents for a delicious lunch and playing games, then off to the Low’s for a delicious dinner! Graham and Wells just love being with family.

Christmas morning was incredible. Graham and Wells woke up and we came down the stairs where Graham saw his DINOSAUR HOTWHEELS CAR. He was over the moon. He loved his PJ Masks toys, Wells LOVED his farm and his remote controller. Graham asked us if we could call Santa to say thank you which melted our hearts. Randy loved getting clothes and a watch band, Maddy loved getting clothes and a BOSCH!

We ate breakfast and danced to Christmas music and it was really a perfect morning.

We went back over to my mom and dad’s to eat a yummy lunch and visit, then back over to the Low’s for presents and fun games.

We came home that night exhausted but so happy. It was a perfect Christmas in so many ways.

We had Cousin Christmas with Melanie a few days later which was just amazing. So much fun to all be together, opening presents and playing games and eating fondue.

This Christmas I have thought a lot about the mother Mary and her life. I’ve thought about Christ and this tiny baby and all he meant. I’m just so grateful this year and every day for Him and what He gives.

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