Summer Fun and House Framed

We’ve been having such a fun summer, I can’t believe it’s coming to an end! Graham and Wells are SO cute together it makes my heart so happy. Graham loves to come in and sit in bed with us in the morning and he and Wells smile and babble.

First smile caught on camera!

Graham also is loving singing All Creatures of our God and King with Grandma and the fun folder she made. It’s so cute!

And our house is framed! We did our architectural walkthrough to make sure everything was right and it’s looking incredible. I can’t believe how fast it’s moving and how soon it will be ours! It’s wild! Our cute builder wrote a note to us on the wall and told us to go through and write some of our own notes to be inside the walls of our home, which was so awesome. Two of our family mottos are “Don’t be pathetic” which makes me laugh, and “Trust God and believe in good things to come.” So of course, both of those went on the walls. We wrote the boys names in their rooms and I know it will be so wonderful to have that as we live here.

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