Warmer Weather and COVID SHOTS

The weather is FINALLY getting warmer which is amazing! The other day Graham and I met up at the park to socially distant feed ducks with a friend. And then a few days later we went to our future neighborhood and did a great walk around the lake and played at one of the playgrounds! Graham is getting SO brave about the playgrounds and wants to climb up the ladders and go down the slide and it makes my mama heart so happy!

Lately I want to remember how Graham calls McDonald’s “Old McDonald’s” and how he wants to play chase every day before bed. How he loves having the Alexa timer go off and is super obedient when it does. How he wants to cook me food in his kitchen or fight off bad guys in the car. How he still is a little shy and the neighborhood kids know to give him space when they’re all outside, which is funny and sweet. How he’s so particular about where things go on his chair and which outfit he wears which makes me laugh. How he wants to tie his hair up and wear blue light glasses just like his daddy. How he is trying to tell us he needs all new toys because when his baby brother comes, he will get all his old toys 😂 He’s the sweetest little boy and I don’t know what I would do without him.

I was also able to get my COVID shot! What a BLESSING! A hidden blessing of gestational diabetes. I did have a little crying breakdown the other day about not being able to eat a sticky finger salad, but that is what it is haha! In a lot of ways GD is actually harder this time around. My fasting numbers are little bit harder to control and I learned that in subsequent pregnancies it can be harder to manage overall. So I’m going to keep doing my best and we’ll see where we land.

Graham still loves his little preschool that we do at home every day, I still love work and it’s going really well, Randy is almost done with busy season HALLELUJAH and we are getting excited for everything ahead! Graham’s birthday, our anniversary, warmer weather, then BABY BROTHER, my sister coming home from her mission—it’s going to be an amazing spring and summer and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s around the corner.

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