We had the MOST FUN Star Wars party with my family!

Grandma and Grandpa were Admiral Holdo and Chewbacca

Ben and Kim were Boba Fett and Han Solo in carbonite

Candace, Tommy, and Allison were Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, and an Ewok.

Liv and Mel were Padme and Leia.

Mom was Rey, dad was Kylo Ren, and Graham was Luke Skywalker.

We ate a TON of delicious food that was perfectly Star Wars themed. We had a great scavenger hunt, went trick or treating at family’s houses, had a dance party, did crafts, and just had the best time all together.

The Target toy catalog came and Graham was SO beyond pumped. He can’t stop reading it and pointing out “folk” (Hulk) and Spider-Man and Captain America and Paw Patrol. He wakes up and asks for his catalog all the time. We also made adorable pom-pom halloween creatures and he’s OBSESSED. He calls them his kids, and loves the little spider the most. He’s getting so good at counting and the alphabet. He had way too much fun playing with his cousins while they were here, running around playing hide n seek and with blocks. They would run around singing “Find a way to play together” the whole time they built towers and it was so adorable.

All month long Graham has asked us to play “Spoopy Scary Skeletons,” the dub step version, and “Let’s jam!” every time we’re in the car. He loves driving by houses that have inflatables and he says “See the ghosties and bad guys?” It’s been super fun. He’s also obsessed with Toy Story of Terror and that makes me so happy.

For Halloween Graham and I went on an adventure to find pumpkins. On Halloween there aren’t a lot of pumpkins left! We finally found some and got some kettle corn too. We carved one and painted the other and it was so great. We spent the evening eating yummy treats, trick or treating at family houses, and watching movies. It was such a fun Halloween.

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