Potty Training

We potty trained Graham! It’s been insane but also SO good and worthwhile!

We chose to do the method where Graham ran around for 2 days with nothing on – no diaper, no underwear, nothing. It was exhausting but I really think it helped him get the hang of it. We had stickers and M&Ms and the chance for a new toy and some really cool character underwear! Buzz Lightyear to the rescue as always.

We’ve been reading tons and tons of books, playing at Cherry Hill, playing with cousin Mel, seeing uncles while they are still close by, and more.

Graham is getting super into reading lately, he loves having us read books and he loves to pretend to read while we read too. It’s adorable!

He’s super in to singing Mr. Ray’s “Let’s Name The Zones” song from Finding Nemo. He’s been getting so brave at Cherry Hill, actually asking to go down the big slides and I’m so proud of him! Also, I swear it’s because he is singing the Mr. Ray song!!! It’s actually adorable.

We are doing music class online, and together we are doing art class (We’ve learned about Monet and the Lascaux cave), we have a fun scripture hero every week which is so fun and helps him learn. We’re really having a super fun summer even with all the craziness.

Graham is growing up too fast, he’s getting so sweet, and I’m just so grateful he’s mine.

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