We had a wonderful anniversary. Friday night we were able to drop Graham off at my parent’s house (for the first time ever having a sleepover!) We went and picked up some dinner and Randy drove all the way to South Jordan to pick up a cake for me at The Chocolate earlier in the week. We got to watch a movie and stay up late, eating cake. It was the best. And on Saturday we got to sleep in!!!!! Which was a DREAM. And eat more cake. We missed Graham though. We picked him up and then after his nap we went to Cherry Hill to have a great afternoon as a family.

The past five years have been a dream with Randy. Not every day has been perfect—we’ve had fights and issues like every other couple. But every single day with Randy is better than one without him, hands down.

I’ve been super weepy thinking about this anniversary for some reason. 5 years just feels like so much. I watched The Last Five Years and started crying, and I’ve been remembering some of our favorite moments. It’s wonderful to reminisce and think about the happy moments that have made up our marriage.

Randy is the best person I know. And I can’t believe I get to spend my life with him.

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