Graham is TWO!

Where did the time go!! I can’t believe my baby boy is TWO YEARS OLD.

Graham is the sweetest soul. He is SO polite and kind and I am so proud to hear him say “please” and “thank you” and “scuse me”. He is pretty shy and reserved around other people, but once he’s comfortable he will be screaming and singing in his own little language which is so cute.

He loves going on walks, riding his bike, playing music, reading books, cuddling and being held, playing in the car, pushing his baby stroller, vacuuming and mopping, swinging, and so many other things. His favorite foods are chocolate, pasta, tomatoes, any fruit, eggs, and yogurt. He’s so independent and wants to do things “self” but also just loves being with us and doesn’t love playing by himself. He can count and is starting to sing the ABC’s and things it’s hilarious to tell us the wrong color names.

He’s totally his father’s son and is obsessed with all things Toy Story and with music. He will play drums, guitar, piano, or his musical instruments all day. AND he loves ramen. Totally Randy’s kid.

He loves playing with cousin Melanie and his friends Brooklyn and Hudson. He also likes making friends with the older kids around our neighborhood which is so cute.

He is the best little boy in the universe and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Graham, you are my best friend. I will never get over hearing you say “wuv you” or “why mom why?”

We had a blast celebrating his birthday. On Saturday we went to play in my mom’s backyard, swimming in the kiddie pool and swinging. We ate Chic Fil A and had a great time all together. Sunday we made waffles, Graham’s favorite, had church, watched Toy Story and ate popcorn and candy, had mac and cheese for lunch that Graham wouldn’t touch hahaha. We went over to my mom’s for a party with grandparents and opened presents and ate cupcakes. We went and visited my grandparents from a distance and had the best time.

The party was TWO INFINITY AND BEYOND and it turned out so cute! Graham loved it all so much and it was seriously so much fun. It was seriously the best day, and even though Graham may never remember it I will never forget it!

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