Fall Is Coming

We decorated for fall this week and I’m so excited! Fall is my favorite time of the year and I’m so stoked to have sweater weather with Graham.

We went and saw Downton Abbey and had a delicious sushi dinner and it was a blast!! The movie was SOOOO good and perfect if you like the show. Love spending time with my fam!

Fall means these DELICIOUS pumpkin cookies and time with friends.

We had fun at Ashley’s wedding, until we took away Grahams popcorn and then he was NOT happy.
Right now Graham is obsessed with popcorn, stickers, drumming, his music class, saying AHH after taking a drink, magazines, pictures of Jesus, anything with buttons or makes sounds, Fish Crackers, RAMEN NOODLES (like his dad!), reading books, music and dancing, and I’m wildly obsessed with him.

This sweet young man in our ward loves playing with Graham during Sacrament Meeting. It just made me think that if Christ were in our sacrament meetings, he would be with the kids. Making sure they felt loved and seen. So my worship doesn’t have to mean silence and stillness. I can find Christ anytime.

GAH I love fall clothes on my baby!

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