We’ve been having a great time this month, here area few of our favorite things we’ve been doing:

G is WALKING WALKING WALKING and almost running and it’s so cute. We go on walks alllll the time and he is the cutest. He loves chasing us around and everything, it’s the best.

Graham LOVES reading and brings us book after book after book to read, it’s just precious.

On the weekends we make yummy breakfasts and G is obsessed with waffles.

We’ve been going to Cherry Hill (well Randy has been taking G and they have so much fun) and he’s getting more comfortable with the water!

Randy and I both have been working a ton but it’s been really good.

We had a fun picnic the other night which was the best.

We love going grocery shopping all together, cooking dinner, and playing outside on these fun summer nights.

Randy and I also went and saw Toy Story 4 which made us SOB. SO GOOD. Reminded us of our childhoods and it was so tender. Go see it if you haven’t yet!

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