We have had the best time celebrating EASTER! It’s been so fun to have Graham’s first Easter and we have loved every second of it.

We’ve been playing with plastic Easter eggs for weeks, on Saturday the Easter Bunny came by with bubbles, a bike, and plenty of candy. Which Graham DEVOURED and was crazy obsessed with, which I loved. We dyed eggs with my parents and Randy, of course, did his signature theme egg set. This year, was the Muppets. We had an egg hunt with Randy’s family and it was a blast! He loved crawling around, but wanted to stay and play with his eggs and balloons instead of finding more.

Today we had a family Easter devotional which was so sweet. Randy shared this video which is one of our very favorites.

Today especially, I am grateful for Jesus Christ. I may not know all the answers, but because of Jesus Christ, that’s ok. He helps with the things I don’t understand and know. And the most important thing I’m sure of is Christ. I’m so grateful for His Atonement and what it means for me, and for our family.

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