20 Week Bumpdate – Halfway There

How in the world are we HALFWAY THERE! I swear it feels like yesterday that we were in our little apartment, shocked and over the moon that we would be having a baby. It feels like the days are long but the weeks and months have FLOWN by.

With the holidays and craziness we skipped a week 19 bumpdate, but things didn’t change a ton over that week so that’s lucky!

Week 20:
Symptoms: My back still hurts sometimes but other than that, I feel fit as a fiddle! 
Sleep: I have crazy dreams and little dude moves around sometimes making it hard to go to sleep, but I wouldn’t trade him moving and jamming out for anything! 
Baby is: The size of a paper airplane! He moves ALL the time which is so fun. Randy has felt him move several times which just makes it even more exciting. I feel like we have our own secret language because he is so wiggly and it is so awesome to feel so connected.
Gender: BABY BOY – for sure! We had a wonderful family shower after Christmas and little dude got SO SPOILED. He’s going to be the best dressed kid on the block! 
Dad is: Just wonderful, still practicing and can’t wait for our guy to get here.
Mom is craving: not much this week! We had tons of Christmas candy and that was delicious! 
Funny things this week: Little dude’s cousins were all in town for the holidays and it was SO sweet to hear Candace say that the baby loves her! 

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