I’m getting so bad at updating every weekend!

Randy finished his finals and has a couple weeks off before fall semester starts, he did GREAT in his classes and I am so insanely proud!

I’m loving my new job and am chugging through audio books during my commute! I just finished Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, and it was AMAZING. Highly recommend.

On Friday, Randy and I went to dinner with some of our really good friends to celebrate the boys being done with school! They’ve had several classes together so it’s always fun to see them.

Friday night I also made some treats for Sam’s farewell on Sunday!

Saturday we headed to Kaysville/Farmington for family time, baking time, and so much niece and nephew time! We just love getting to spend time with those cuties.

Sunday was Sam’s farewell. He did such an amazing job and it was so fun to spend the day with family. Sam leaves in just a few days and Randy and I are going to miss him so much! Sam is basically the little brother I never wanted 😉 But in all seriousness we are going to miss him like crazy! He’s going to do amazing things in Tokyo and we’re so excited to see!

Happy Thursday all!

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