Woods, Father’s Day, and a Special Delivery

We’ve been pretty busy this weekend, we went to Yellowstone with my family and we’ll be posting a whole thing on that soon!

But, we also escaped to the woods to snap a few photos, and I need to give my dad a shout-out for Father’s Day!

My dad is absolutely amazing. He has overcome some difficult things in his life, and is all the stronger for it. He is so kind, loving, has an amazing testimony of the Gospel and taught us all to have one too. He has always provided for our family, has taught me so much about working hard and also enjoying the work you do. He answers my millions of questions about “adulting” and during all my time growing up, never failed to come to a performance or buy another doll that my sisters or I wanted. He showed me what to look for in someone I would marry, and loves my husband like his own son, which I love seeing. Happy Father’s Day to the man who made me who I am, I love you dad!

I also recently got the SPLASH VOXBOX from Influenster and I’m LOVING it! Last night I immediately ate the Mike & Ike Zours, SO GOOD. Randy loved them too, just watch my Instagram story hahaha. I tried the Maybelline Liquid Lipstick which I actually loved, and I don’t wear lip color that often. It stayed OVERNIGHT while I slept and didn’t stain anything. I’m a fan! I then put on the Tree Hut Charcoal Mask while we watched some TV (it was an amazing mask, totally recommend). I’m excited to try the rest of the stuff from the box!

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