Family Updates

Crazy things have been going on in my family!

Here’s a couple updates:

1. We added a niece to our family! She came while we were in Japan which was a bummer, but we got to meet her and we just love her! Her name is Charlotte and she’s just a doll.

2. My brother graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School! We couldn’t be more proud and happy for him, his wife, and their little family! We are so excited for them to move to Utah for the summer before my brother takes the California bar!

3. My law school graduate brother and his wife added a baby to their family! Just a few days after he graduated from law school (and just a few days after all the family who were visiting went home) our first nephew decided to make an appearance! His name is Thomas and he was a whopping 9 pounds, 15 ounces, and is just a joy. Our niece Candace is so excited to be a big sister and we can’t wait to meet Thomas soon!

4. Randy got into the Business Program and made the Dean’s List last semester! He is doing great and is loving his classes. I’m still working and enjoying that and my freelance work, and we are so excited that summer is here! We’ve been heading to parks, taking pictures, having picnics, and loving the warm weather.

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