Lessons On Love: Mary’s Love

I have spent a lot of my scripture study and other time thinking about the women in the Bible and Book of Mormon. But the one I think about most, is Mary.
I think about how young she was. I think about how scared she must have been. I think about her bravery. I think about how little she really knew, but how much she comprehended all in the same moment.
I wonder how she at 14, was ready to become the mother of the most important person to ever walk the earth. 
I think it is such a testament to motherhood that God knew that Jesus Christ needed a mother, more than just about anything. He needed someone to teach him to pray, to help him learn to read, to teach him about love. 
Mary holds a special place in my heart, and as I have thought about her during Love Month, I think it’s so important to realize that she had a kind of love that I will never understand. Jesus Christ wasn’t only her Savior, but her son. 
The lesson I learned from Mary is that no matter how scared I feel, no matter how little I understand, I have the capacity and responsibility to love.

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