Lessons On Love: Mental Pictures

Have you ever seen that office episode where Jim and Pam get married? At the beginning of the episode, Pam talks about how they need to take “mental pictures” throughout the day to try and remember everything.

I love this idea so much.

I have had several moments where I have taken “mental pictures” to try and remember a feeling, and it has taught me so much about love.

For me, love is combined with nostalgia. I get made fun of all the time for being the person who loves thinking about the past and making a big deal out of the little details, but for me, love is about remembering those mental picture moments.

The moment Randy and I drove to the front runner station, listening to music, my feet on the dash, and I thought I would burst.

Sitting in the back of my friend’s jeep during freshman year of college, giggling and telling stories, going to get donuts late at night.

Camping with my family and eating caramel popcorn in my grandma’s trailer, smelling the smoke from the fire.

Running through City Creek eating chicken nuggets on the way to a Christmas concert.

Driving to the temple on my wedding day, blasting Bad Blood by Taylor Swift for no reason at all.

Playing house with my sisters every, single day of summer break.

Staying up late chatting with my parents about this or that, or nothing at all.

Holding my sweet niece for the first time.

Love is keeping those moments special, and knowing that part of love is remembering, and part of love is moving forward. It’s finding the balance between looking in the past, and having it propel your future.

Love has taught me that it’s not bad that I’m a nostalgic person, but that it’s a way for me to keep those feelings in my heart. And having love in your heart is never a bad thing.

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