Weekend Update

We got a piano! Pictures to come soon but I had a BLAST on Friday rearranging some things, Randy is in heaven playing constantly, it’s a good thing. HUGE thanks to Caleb and Nannette for selling it to us for a steal!

Randy and I spent the weekend having a blast. Friday we went to dinner with our cute next-door neighbor before she moved away, then had a very chill night of talking and listening to music.

Saturday we woke up early and went up to Kaysville where we spent time with both of our families, did some photos and video for one of my clients which is always so fun, and saw my sister in the Davis High One Act Play Festival. Let me tell you, that girl can ACT. I am consistently blown away by her performances! That night we stopped by our friend’s house in SLC on the way home and played games and jammed, which is always a blast.

Sunday we taught Sunday School and had an extremely relaxed, but productive, afternoon. We then had Caleb and Nannette over for curry night, and watched a movie.

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