Weekend Update

This weekend was another busy one, but so fun!

Friday we got to go to Chinese Karaoke with our friends. Danny and Dee both speak Mandarin and have lived in China, so we let them order for us! We got dishes and dishes and dishes of delicious food, sang goofy songs, and just had the best time together.

Saturday we were so productive! We hit all the grocery stores and other stores we needed to, had some lunch, I did my friend Sarrie’s makeup and hair for her engagements (which I can’t WAIT to see!) and then we went to dinner with Courtney and Tommy, which is always a blast. We finished out the night going to see the new episodes of Meet the Mormons at the JSMB. They were so incredibly and we left so touched and uplifted.

Sunday we went to church and then of course, went to Kaysville for family time! It was so much fun to hang out, plan the holidays, and just have the best time with our families.

I was horrible and didn’t get like any pictures from the weekend, so just observe how cute my family is!

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