Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was super relaxed and fun for us this year! It started by heading to the dollar theater to see Central Intelligence. It was a funny movie!

Saturday we went to Lagoon! It was SO much fun, we got there early and got on all the rides we wanted super quickly! We also went on the Sky Coaster which was amazing! It’s the HUGE bungee jumping type thing that lets you free-fall and then swing! We had so much fun. We went to lunch with Randy’s family to celebrate his dad’s birthday, which was awesome too!

Sunday we taught our church lesson, then headed back to Kaysville for the weekend. We celebrated Bethany’s birthday which was so fun, and sang Happy Birthday to Candace over FaceTime – and she started BAWLING. It was SO sad!

Monday we woke up and went up to the Ogden River Parkway for a fun family hike/walk and some frisbee! We had a blast – my family is so awesome and we all had so much fun!

Then we had a big dinner with all the extended family that live close by at the Mandarin in Bountiful, which is our very favorite Chinese food. It was wonderful to be with the whole family for the weekend!

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