Birthday Girls

We interrupt the Boston Travel series, to wish my darling sister and niece happy birthday!

Beth turned 16 this year, and Candace turned 1! Huge milestones for both of them!

Bethany is seriously one of the best people I know. Not afraid to say what she thinks, so kind to those around her, good at everything she tries, and involved with her friends, church, school, and extra-curricular activities, she’s a busy bee. She still finds time for family and we love spending time with her. I was lucky enough to go shopping with her and join her for a sushi birthday dinner. You’re the best Beth!

And Candace, the little lady who made me Aunt Vikki officially. She’s a doll and I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since she joined our family! She’s so sweet and fun, she loves family and Pooh Bear and reading books. She’s the best niece I could ever ask for, good job Ben and Kim!

Happy Birthday to these two lovely girls, now back to your regularly scheduled Boston Travel series!

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