a weekend wedding

hello friends.

long time no post, am I right??


this weekend was a lazy Friday

and a CRAZY Saturday.

Saturday my darling cousin got married! We spent the day at the Payson temple to watch them get sealed (which was absolutely amazing), then off to Highland Gardens in Cedar Hills for the luncheon and reception. It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and our family had the best day.

My aunts, mom, grandma, and my sister did ALL the cookies and treats for the reception. Our family ran around making hot chocolate, filling up plates, clearing tables, and cleaning up after the whole event. I also did some videography for the big day!
Displaying IMG_5269.JPG

It was SUCH a busy day that I didn’t even have time to snap a picture of Randy and I with the bride and groom! SO SAD.
Displaying IMG_5269.JPG

But I have to give Randy the biggest shout out. He seriously was a champ, running around and doing absolutely everything to help. He was on top of everything and I’m so glad I have him by my side. I’m the luckiest.

Pictures/video from the wedding will come once I have time to get working on them!

Just trying to keep our head above water over here, with Randy’s school and work, my work and freelance work, our church callings, family time, and sometimes a little time for each other.

It’s a good life friends.

Happy Tuesday everyone, happy wedding Marie and Jake!

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