fall fall fall

Guys. It is like 80 degrees outside but it’s fall. THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR. The time of year when every single girl pulls out her boots and pumpkin hot cocoa and cookies and everyone drives up to see the leaves and IT IS MAGICAL.

So let’s do a quick catch up of our fall so far.

Baking. LOTS of baking.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and apple crisp. Two of my all time favorites.

Randy and I get to play parents on and off for a few days to my sister, which is a blast. We had a family dinner with my other sister tonight, and then spent some time in the mountains goofing off and taking looooooots of pictures. It was too much fun! That’s another favorite thing about fall, driving up the mountains and seeing the leaves. 
And lastly, I spent today teaching ALL the youths in my ward in Sunday School, and it looks like I’ll be doing that for quite a while. I’m SO excited to hang out with the awesome youth in my ward every Sunday! 
Happy Sunday ya’ll! And HAPPY FALL. 

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