Clear the air

Just want to clarify a few things for you friends.

1. I am not dating Drew. We broke up over Christmas break. We are best friends still. He is like my brother and yes I do still spend time with him. We are both on the same page about our friendship and are happy with it. Randy knows and is fine with it too.
2. I am still writing Randy. He’s an awesome missionary, just got made a Zone Leader, and he is loving his mission! I would love to date him when he gets home.
3. I’m not perfect. I’m sorry if my actions have in any way offended YOU dear reader. I apologize and hope to continue being better.
4. Questions? Please ask me directly and privately, but I would love to answer anything!
5. I am taking a hiatus from social media for a while. I’ll be back soon!
6. A fox barks. Like a dog. That’s what the fox says, and I know some of you were wondering;)

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