I’m Behind!

So I’m a day behind. SO I’ll post for the 12th right now, and the 13th later tonight 🙂

So November 12.
Today I am grateful for a clean house. We had cleaning checks today, and everything is one million times nicer when things are clean. I’m grateful for my parents for teaching me how to clean and always having a clean  house, and my roommates who all worked hard so our house is clean and wonderful. It seems super weird to be blathering on about how nice it is to have things clean…but it literally drives me crazy when it’s not clean. Anyway that is what I am grateful for today 🙂

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November 11

Today I am so grateful for those who gave their lives so that I could live here where I do today. I couldn’t enjoy the freedoms I do today without those brave men and women who lived and died for my rights. I am so blessed to live where and how I do.

Today being Veteran’s Day makes me think of the opportunity I had to be in Europe this summer. In Europe I went to two American military cemeteries, one in Italy and one in France. I can honestly say being in both those cemeteries, I felt the Spirit stronger than I did in any of the churches or cathedrals on the whole trip.

In the cemetery in Italy the groundskeeper talked about the campaigns in Italy during WWII and how many graves there were and such. The thing that struck me the most was when he talked about all the graves that are marked, not with a name, but with “Here lies a comrade in arms known only to God.” Then the groundskeeper said, “Think about this. Not only did these men get their future taken away from them, they had their past taken away too.” After he said that and we spent time walking around, I sobbed.

Normandy was so amazing as well. We got there and there weren’t very many people there. It was amazing to be on a beach, right by the ocean, yet nobody was playing in the water or blasting music. People know what this beach means. My teacher talked about the story of D Day and how individual people, people my age, made choices to change the war, and ultimately save America. I can’t even describe the things that I felt on that beach that day, but it changed me. And today, I’m not only grateful for those feelings, but for those amazing people who helped America become the nation it is today. Who gave me my freedom. Who allow me to live. 

2 for 1

So I didn’t do November 9th and I need to do today before it’s tomorrow! If that makes any sense. So here we go!

November 9th
Today I am grateful for the chance I have to go to BYU. I love Provo and this school and just the whole feeling here so much. I love going to games and feeling a part of something huge. I love everyone being so sweet when they see you on campus, guys opening the door for you, being around people I love and everything else. I’m learning so much from BYU and I am so glad I get to be here!

November 10th.
I am so grateful for music. It is one of the most wonderful gifts Heavenly Father gave us. I can’t even express the emotions that music brings to me, all I know is that I am who I am because of music. It is so easy to get lost in a melody or completely relate to the lyrics of a song. AH I just love it 🙂

Also, this weekend I got a visit from Jackson and Dylan. Which was awesome. I haven’t seen all the people from the good old days for a while, and it was nice to catch up. I have missed them and I’m so glad I have awesome friends who take time out of their busy lives to see me 🙂

November 8!!

So I forgot to do this last night. But I’m doing it now so it’s totally fine.

Today I am grateful for my roommates and friends here at BYU. They are the most awesome people who care about me so much and I want to spend a second giving them each a shout out.

Rachel. Rachel is crazy and I love that about her. Rachel is the kind of girl I always secretly want to be but never am. She’s fun and always makes me laugh and genuinely cares about me. I was super intimidated by her at the beginning of the year, but now that I know her, I know she’s sweet and funny and super smart. I love you Rach!

Heidi. She’s the best bed-mate a person could ask for. She’s so sweet and caring. She always makes time in her crazy schedule to talk to me and ask how I’m doing. Heidi makes me feel comfortable here at school and she’s so amazing. I love you Heidi!!

Kathryn. Well I just love Kathryn so much. She’s artsy and listens to good music and always has the funniest remarks that leave us rolling on the ground. Kathryn is quiet when you first meet her, but then she opens up and you hear her cute laugh and you just have to love her. She’s my FHE mom and is so good at it. I love you Kathryn!!

Rebecca. She’s the sassy pants of the house (weird right?) She always says the craziest, funniest things and makes us all laugh. She is always baking or cooking something, which we all love, and always willing to share with us. She’s super fun and loves to come in and just chat, which I love. I love you Becca!

Jett. Jett is beautiful and smart and all the boys love her. At first I secretly was so jealous of her, and I still am, I’m just more open about it. Jett knows how to have fun and knows how to be serious. She has an opinion and isn’t usually afraid to share it (like someone else I know…;)) and has such a strong testimony. Jett always makes us laugh in this apartment and we all love her for it. I WUV you Jett!!

Alli. Holy cow I love Alli. She’s one of the sweetest people I know and Rachel and I feel like we corrupt her. One time we stole a girl’s candy bar….but that’s another story. Alli always lets me know she cares about me, which is something I love about her. She is so funny when she lets it out, and is so nice to everyone it’s unreal. I love you Alli!

Sarah. Sarah is Tyra Banks, basically. She’s beautiful and so funny and good at EVERYTHING. And she’s still so humble about everything that she’s done, which I love about her. Sarah always makes me feel invited and welcome. She’s loud and crazy and doesn’t care what people think about her, something I envy about her. She’s just awesome really. I love you Sar!

Lauren. Lauren is beautiful and good at so many things and smart, and to top it all off, she’s hilarious. Lauren doesn’t care what people think about her either, and doesn’t mind saying or doing something crazy no matter what the situation. She’s beautiful on the dance floor and just as beautiful when she’s at my house late at night watching movies. Lauren lets me know she loves me all the time, and I appreciate it so much. I love you Lauren!!!

So these are the girls I’m grateful for today. They make me feel like I’m irreplaceable, something I absolutely love. We laugh and cry and have gotten so close in such a short time. Rach and Sarah and Alli (HOPEFULLY) and I are already planning to live together next year (since everyone else is going on missions) and I can’t wait for the awesome times ahead with these cute girls. I love you all!!!!

November 7

So today as I was thinking of what I was grateful for, and I got on Ashley’s blog. And I started bawling because she posted about me.

So today, I am grateful for the friends I don’t deserve. I don’t keep in touch with them anywhere near as much as I should and I am really sorry for that guys. But I hope they know how much I love them.

Hailee is one of the most amazing people I know. I look up to Hailee in so many ways. She has such an amazing testimony which will make her an incredible missionary, she’s so sweet and kind to everyone, she genuinely cares about people and doesn’t fail to show them. She’s just all around a wonderful person and I am so lucky to know her. Hailee I love you so much!

Ashley. What can I say about this girl? She has blessed my life in so many ways and I am so lucky to know her. Ash and I are so similar and we love all the same things, which makes me happy. Ash cares about people and fights for them, like she’s been fighting for me since this whole college thing happened. I love her so so so much.

Emi. Emi is one of the funniest most sarcastic people I know. Yet she always makes sure to let me know she cares about me. She’s a true friend, one who is honest but tells you the truth with love. Em knows how to have fun and I adore that about her. So even though I don’t know much about how her life is going, I hope she knows how much I love her.

Kira freaking Holmes. I miss this girl like crazy. Kira is the cutest, funniest little sister ever and I miss her crazy comments. Kira never failed to make me laugh and never failed to make me feel loved and important. And she still does. Kira, I’m still waiting for you to come visit ya know 😉

Emily. Em and I pretended we were twins to drive people crazy. Which is fun. She’s so much like me and loves to push me to my limits. And then I pretend to be angry and she feels bad, which makes me feel bad. It’s just a wonderful friendship all around.

Allison Grant is a crazy crazy girl and I adore her. She makes me smile and laugh and always makes me feel important by asking for my advice. Even though it’s usually pretty bad advice. She’s so fun to be around and always makes me happy.

Haley Young is one of the greatest girls I know. She’s been through a lot and never fails to end up being positive about it. She calls and talks to me more than just about anyone, and is genuinely interested in how I’m doing. She’s so sweet and always makes me smile. I love you girly 🙂

There’s a bunch of other people that could and should be on this list, and if you aren’t don’t be offended!!! Just shoot me a message and I will dedicate a post to you 🙂 Anyway those are just a few of the people I am grateful for, and if you’re reading this, I’m grateful for you too!

Election Day

Today I am grateful for the wonderful country I live in. I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t live in such an amazing place. I am so grateful for the rights I have because I live here, as well as they many people who fought and suffered so I could have those rights. I love my country and the rights and privileges that go along with it. We’re lucky people to live where and how we do.

Today Randy and I went to the temple. It was awesome. I love walking down the street to the temple and how it’s always so busy because there are always loads of college students waiting to go.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight 🙂 I have to go obsessively look over the election tracker 🙂

November 5

Today I am grateful for chocolate. I ate a lot of it today. And I love love love love it. Chocolate and I have been best friends ever since I can remember. It was probably even in the womb. Chocolate has yet to let me down. It’s so warm and melty and delicious and it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me. True story.

On a side note I got flowers today. They are pretty.

On another side note I made soup today. And it was really good even though the rolls turned out funny. They were still yummy.

It’s been a fairly average Monday. But I like Mondays in Provo. 🙂

November 4

Today I am thankful for answers to prayers. There are lots of ways in which Heavenly Father answers my prayers, and I am grateful for each one of them, even the ones I don’t like.

Today I got an answer I’ve been asking about for almost a month. When the announcement was made that girls could go on missions at 19, I started thinking about it for the first time in a few years. I had thought about it before and felt like it wasn’t for me, and then with the new age change, I thought about it again. A lot. I prayed and read my scriptures and tried really hard to figure out what course my life needed to take.

So after lots of prayer, fasting, and study, I have reached the conclusion that I’m not going on a mission. I would absolutely love it and I know I would be blessed for it, but for some reason I’m not supposed to go. At least not any time soon. Who knows maybe when I’m 23 and single I’ll rethink it again. But right now I know there are other things I’m supposed to do. I am just so thankful that I had the opportunity to study it out in my mind and make a decision, and have that decision confirmed by the Spirit. I can’t tell you how many times a mission would be on my mind, and I would flip open my scriptures to a random page, and the first verse I read would say something about “remain where you are” or “stand fast in the place you are” or “establish your home first” or something like that.

Anyway the long story short is that prayers are answered and I am so grateful for that. Especially today.

Happy November!

So like some of my other blogger friends (cough cough Ashley cough cough) I think I’m going to try this daily thankful post. I have so so so many things to be thankful for so I want to have a record of them. For posterity.

November 1–The Gospel. I would literally be worthless without the Gospel in my life. I love it with all of my heart. I love knowing that I have someone who loves me enough to live and die for me. I love the knowledge that there is a plan for me and that at any time, I can find help and comfort.

November 2–My family. My family is absolutely wonderful. They’re my best friends, most trusted advisers, most honest critics, and the people who love me the most. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my amazing parents, and my fun siblings. I am the luckiest person in the world to have the family I do. I tell my mom everything, my dad is so good to me when I don’t deserve it, my brother looks out for me and is always ready to help, my little sisters make me laugh, are always there for me and are such great examples to me.

November 3–My best friend. Randy Low is literally the best friend a person could ask for. He forgives me when I don’t deserve it, he looks out for me more than anyone else, he makes me laugh when I don’t even want to smile, he does the sweetest things for me on a constant basis, he literally gets more more than anyone else, and he makes my heart stop. I could go on and on and on about him but let’s just say, that boy has been there for me through everything and I am lucky to be able to say he’s my very best friends.

So stay tuned for more thankful posts 🙂