Singing in Church

College is interesting. AMAZINGLY FUN, but interesting. Yesterday I walked around campus to find all of my classes (I decided I don’t need to hit the gym to work out…walking to all my classes with my 50 LB backpack is work out enough.) Then Bandy and I went to the grocery store and I taught him how to eat healthy (haha) and then went to a party for the last night of socializing before classes. It was super fun! Heidi and I watched the dating game (basically the Bachelor and Bachelorette in 10 minutes with people you have never seen before) and danced in the rain and met fun new people. It was nice. Then today Heidi and I sang in Sacrament Meeting for the first Sunday in our new ward. Intimidating much? We sang an arrangement of I Stand All Amazed. And… went well 🙂 And now we’re bonding as roommates and having boys over for dinner and being adult or something….it’s weird.

But I think it’s like when you are singing in church. You practice  and stress and practice and sing the one part you can’t get right all during the first talk and then…you get up and you do it. Right now in college we’re at the practicing practicing practicing and stressing point…pretty soon we’ll just get up there and sing.

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